Newport Eye Care is the premier contact lens specialty practices in Maine and offers a full range of standard and advanced contact lenses.We use advanced diagnostic technology to select the lenses that will keep your eyes healthy while optimizing your visual performance.

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It all begins with the most comprehensive medical eye examination to identify any underlying eye health issues, such as dry eye or ocular surface disease. We assess the patient’s visual challenges and the many lifestyle and work-related issues that may bring them about. There are many different contact lenses available, all offering distinct advantages. We then match the appropriate lens to each patient’s specific situations and needs. The contact lenses prescribed come from all major manufacturers, as well as from private custom labs for those patients who have had poor success with prior contact lens fittings.

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Established patients of our practice can order or reorder their contact lenses on this website. Go to our home page to order. You will need your user ID which is your email address and your password.

There are many advantages to ordering your contact lenses with us. We will replace any defective contact lenses. Please follow the link to order or re order your contacts.

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