newport2We specialize in the management of many different laser vision correction procedures including LASIK, Epi-LASIK, PRK and Conductive Keratoplasty.

We will perform a comprehensive eye exam to determine if you are a canidate for laser vision correction. We take the time to explain the different procedures that are available and which would be the best for you.


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LASIK is a laser-based vision correction surgery in which the eye’s cornea is reshaped to correct for eye conditions such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. This procedure can reduce a person’s need for corrective lenses such as glasses or contact lenses.

At Newport Eye Care, we recommend laser vision correction procedures only when they truly are appropriate for the patient’s lifestyle and visual needs. We partner with the area’s premier refractive surgeons in providing laser correction treatments. We provide Lasik patients with comprehensive pre-and post-surgical care in the comfort and convenience of our state-of-the-art office.


When our patients develop cataracts, Newport Eye Care help them navigate the surgical course. Patients are monitored every six months until surgery is required. Once cataract surgery is performed, Newport Eye Care will manage all aspects of post-operative care.

When required, post-operative spectacle lenses are prescribed once vision has been successfully stabilized. We will recommend blue filtering spectacle lenses to all post cataract patients. These lenses will reduce exposure to harmful high energy visible light (blue light) which has been shown to cause retinal cell death, a risk factor for the development of macular degeneration.
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