Contact Lens Exam

At Newport Eye Care, we offer contact lens exams in Newport and Waterville to help you find the contacts best suited for your eyes and your prescription requirements.  

Contact lens exams are often conducted at an appointment separate from a comprehensive eye exam. This special contact exam will include tests outside of those included in a routine eye exam. As such, please let us know prior to scheduling an appointment if you are interested in contact lenses so our staff can plan accordingly. 

What Is Included in a Contact Lens Exam? 

A contact lens eye exam is a specific exam intended to determine the best contact lenses for your needs. During your contact lens exam, your doctor will assess your vision to determine what prescription is needed for your contact lenses.  


At an exam for contact lenses,   measurements of the pupils, corneal curvatures and diameter are all taken to determine the best contact lenses for those parameters. In addition, your doctor will evaluate your overall eye health and assist you in determining if you may need specialty contact lenses, dry eye treatment, or other specialty eye care. 


It is important to understand that contact brands can vary widely and everyone’s preferences are unique. Considering this, it may be helpful and necessary for you to try out several pairs of contact lenses to find those that fit most comfortably. Once you have found the right fit, your doctor will write you a prescription for contact lenses.  


Contact Lens Exam Follow-Up 

After an initial time period of wearing your new contact lenses, you may find that they are not as comfortable as you originally thought. If this happens, we may recommend that you schedule a follow-up contact lens appointment, at which time your eye doctor can discuss with you any concerns you have and identify solutions. At a contact lens follow-up visit, they will check again to make sure your lenses are the right fit and offer options to address any potential problems. 


Reach out to us today to learn more about the convenience and freedom that comes with wearing contact lenses and how our doctors can help you find the perfect fit. A contact eye exam with our qualified doctors is the first step to helping you live without always having to rely on glasses.  

Can I sleep in my contacts?

It is not advised due to the increased risk of infection.

Can I use my eyeglass prescription to buy over-the-counter contact lenses?

No, your eyeglass prescription and contact lens prescription are different since they need separate measurements and considerations. You’ll need to get a contact lens exam to ensure the right fit for your contacts.

Is it safe for me to clean my contact lenses with a homemade solution?

No, homemade solutions might not have the right ingredients and concentrations for effective disinfection. This raises the risk of contamination and not getting the lenses clean enough.